Sunday, April 29, 2018

'Oh My God' She exclaimed as she kept on reading the letter in her hands 'chacha needs to hear this' pulling out her cell phone from the back pocket of her well fitted black coloured jean, she dialed 'Bestie' waiting for a ring, the receiver on the other end picked up after the line almost cut, 'Goatish brain, it's called a handset and as such should be in your hands or within your reach at most times' Smiling now while waiting for a reply "Lol, not only should it be in my hands at most times but should also be be attached to my body too, since it's also known as a cell phone too, fish brain" both friends now laughing at their exchange in conversation 'Lol, I thought you would have repented from your bad mouthing since we are all graduates now, but from the look of things you have not changed a bit, crazy girl, anyways, guess what? ' Eagerly waiting for a reply from her friend who was now grining widely 'What? ' "common girl, I said guess, not ask what' Putting One hand to her waist, smiling now "okay, you finally met the white boyfriend you've always wanted to have " Laughing at the reply from chacha, she replied 'Lol, that wouldn't be bad if it didn't take like eternity to come to pass, but bestie that's far from what I wanted to spill, cause right about now I am holding my NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) call up letter in one hand while talking to you" 'aaaaahhhhh, It's A Lie' both jumping up like they were physical with each other "Yeeeeesssss" 'I'm So Happy For You Gurl" 'Thanks Gurl' "I Pray My Own Arrives Soon Too" 'It Sure Will Girlfriend, Just Relax" (To Be Continued...) What Do You Think Would Be The Title Of This Story?